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Our Maiden Blend

Meet the PR-49

Blend Info

Wrapper: Jamastran Habano
Binder: Honduras – Connecticut
Filler: Jalapa, Esteli and Honduras


Toro 6X52
Robusto 5X50
Cañon 6X48/58

Tasting Notes

Earthy, nutty, and robust without being overpowering.

Production Info

Proudly produced in Honduras at the FCT factory.

The Story Behind PR-49

The PR49 is a tribute to the remarkable life and enduring spirit of our father Phillip Ray, born in 1949 in Burkburnett, TX. The PR49 is more than just a cigar; it’s a celebration of a beloved father, husband, veteran, and a true role model whose impact extends far beyond his family and friends.

His love, strength, and loyalty are etched in our hearts forever and guide us daily on the path he set for us. The PR49 stands tall as a testament to his legacy, reminding us and the world of the extraordinary man he is.

We love you, Pop.

Our Packaging

The story lives in the band

The band of the cigar features a pumpjack from the Texas plains in honor of my father’s home town of Burkburnett. In the early 20th century Burkburnett’s landscape changed forever. In 1918, the discovery of oil in the area ignited one of Texas’s most significant oil booms.

Almost overnight, Burkburnett transformed into an oil-rich city, attracting prospectors and settlers in droves. The towering oil derricks that adorned the landscape became symbols of prosperity and hope, while the fortunes made during this era shaped the town’s character.