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Rethink your cigar experience.

Our Journey Begins: Founding CATI Cigar Co.

After over 20 years of enjoying everything that cigars brought into our lives, we decided to found CATI Cigar Co in 2022. Our passion for cigars and dedication to family inspired this venture.

Family at the Core: Our Guiding Principle

We pride ourselves in doing things a little differently. Our blends are crafted not only for our customers, but with our customers, ensuring every cigar is truly delightful.

For us, the most important thing in life is our family. We work hard to keep that focus not only in our daily lives but in everything we do at CATI.

We craft cigars to celebrate the legacy of our family, to share with your tribe. Be it by blood, choice, or coincidence; if you smoke CATI cigars, you’re family. Because a family that smokes together, stays together.

A Nod to Tradition

Crafted with Care

Everything from the branding and packaging to vitolas and flavor profiles is a nod to the family. We include select customers early on and throughout the blending process to perfect every cigar.