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Reach out to us for any inquiries or to share your cigar experiences. We’re here to assist and connect with fellow cigar enthusiasts.

About CATI Cigars

Where can I buy CATI Cigars?

We are currently taking on new retailers in the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas territory. Stay tuned for a dealer tracker on our site soon!

What is CATI?

An acronym for “Come and Take it,” CATI pays homage to our family’s Texas legacy and embodies our attitude toward challenging the status quo.

Do I need to link my bank account?

If you have a suggestion of a retailer that should bring in CATI cigars, please use the ‘General Inquiry’ button to the left and let us know.

Managing Your Account

Do you have retailer resources?

We are proud to offer our retail partners content for their social media promotions as well as ecommerce specific photos and resources.

Are you accepting new retail accounts?

We are currently accepting select retailers in the TOLA territory. If you would like to become a retailer, please contact us using the buttons to the left.

What are the retailer requirements?

We require our retailers to see eye to eye by providing top-tier hospitality experience for their customers and an active sales floor. Our target is to be very important to few.