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Cigars blended

purely honestly by hand for you.

An Industry First

An all new cigar vitola. In the shape of a cannon. Meet the Cañon.

Cañon Pigtail

Get it cut and light the fuse with a unique pigtail cap.

Texas Heritage

Take a close look at our labels that tell our shared story.

Composed Blends

The unique style makes the flavor change with every draw.

Closed Foot

We invest in the greatest tobacco and close the foot for increased flavor during the light.

Our Philosophy

Say no to the norm.

We believe in pushing toward designing new experiences to cigar smokers across the country. We won't be found everywhere, but for those who seek a cigar that bucks the trends of old, that's where you'll find us.

The best of both worlds; old world tradition with modern blending techniques.

The Start of a New Tradition.

After over 20 years of enjoying cigars, we founded CATI Cigar Co in 2020, keeping family at the core of everything we do.

Our unique blends are crafted with input from select customers, ensuring every cigar is truly delightful.

come and take it. 

come and take it. 

come and take it. 

come and take it. 

come and take it. 

come and take it. 

The inaugural blend.

The PR49, a medium-strength cigar with earthy, nutty flavors, is a heartfelt tribute to Phillip Ray, honoring his legacy with every draw.

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About CATI Cigars

Learn more about our history and brand values.

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